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Sign up for this new class held in Pleasant Hills, CA at the I Heart Art Studio

October 26 - Thursday  6-9pm
Printing Your Own Collage Papers

Learn how to print designs and patterns on transparent and lightweight papers to use for collage. Make your collage art more complex and harmonious!   
Supplies to bring: 8x10" gel plate (Gelli Arts brand is recommended), fluid acrylic paints in your favorite colors (craft or student quality are fine), 2" or 3" wide soft rubber brayer, water container, paper towels.

Minimum # of students required: 10           Instructor:  Michaele Ignon


Try something new - just for the FUN of it!

Our teachers are talented, experienced local artists with inspiring techniques and projects to share. Enjoy spending the evening in a creative space with supportive people - whether you're a seasoned pro or a new beginner, everyone is welcome!

All classes are held at the I Heart Art Studio - 15 Vivian Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA.

Advance registration and payment is required.  Register here by clicking on the PayPal buttons below (each class you select requires a separate PayPal transaction) or you can mail a check to Concord Art Association, PO Box 641, Concord CA 94122. You can also register in person before the class date with cash/check/credit card at another CAA meeting or event. 

A minimum number of registered students is required 48 hours before each class date to avoid cancellation, so register early and don't miss out! Please review our refund and cancellation policies at the bottom of this page.

Supplies that each student must bring (or purchase) are listed with each class description.Any supplies not listed will be provided by the instructor at no extra charge.

Members of the Concord Art Association and I Heart Art are eligible for the member price. You can join either organization at any time -

Another announcement of the Class in early March at the Concord Arts Association


Mixed media monoprinting with Michaele Ignon

concord art association michaele ignon mixed media

Join us on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 for our monthly meeting with our guest artist, Michaele Ignon. Michaele will demonstrate monoprinting using acrylic paints, collage, stencils, drawing implements and gel plates.

She will show us how to use layering, masks and stencils, patterns and textures to arrive at a complex and magical finish. The richness and experimentation that can be achieved with these methods will free you in many ways. You’ll learn how move beyond a critical or perfectionist technique and begin to play and's a completely joyful process!

Michaele will provide kraft paper, paints and tools for us to work with, too.

concord art association michaele ignon collage

In her own words...
In describing my work, I would say that it is gestural - and at the same time, I play with layering, texture and transparency, then repeat familiar forms. I love the effects these layering techniques give me. I work mostly in acrylic and often incorporate some collage. My initial execution is structured, but my process is guided by emotion and intuition more than from any conscious thought or plan. 
Adventure and experimentation tend to guide me, but fun should always be part of the equation. I strive to be a risk-taker in my work. I like working with vivid color and form, staining, stenciling and mark-making. Some of my favorite tools are water-soluble graphite, watercolor crayons, permanent markers, Sumi ink and collage materials.
concord art association michaele ignon mixed media collage

Excerpt from the Concord Art Association March Newsletter of my upcoming Class


Making marks with Michaele Ignon

michaele ignon concord art association

Michaele Ignon was our March guest speaker - she showed us how she uses a gel plate to create monoprints. She walked us through the materials and tools she likes to use, including hand-carved stencils, cut-outs for masking, styluses and stamps. We discovered lots of creative household items that make wonderful marks in the paint on the plate, like a slice from a long pool noodle or the round end of a chopstick.

concord art association members

After she demonstrated a few techniques, everyone got a chance to create their own monoprint design.

michaele ignon monoprint collage

Michaele also introduced us to the idea of printing on deli wrap to create collage elements. Deli wrap for sandwiches, which you can get at the bigger cash & carry food stores, has the perfect weight, surface and transparency. It's right between tissue paper and wax paper.

pear ignon concord art

Above is a pear she painted on a canvas, and below is the same pear after she collaged pieces of deli wrap that she printed with a variety of marks and colors. We loved how the torn papers blended right in to the canvas.

collage pear ignon

Click here to view or download more details from her presentation. Click here for her recipe to make your own gel plate, or you can find brand name gel plates at any art supply store.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Classes thru the Concord Art Association

Here is a photo of a class I gave at the Concord Art Association last Spring. Such a treat. What a wonderful group of Artists.

I will be teaching two more classes in Pleasant Hill soon. One in September and one in October 
See links below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017