Friday, July 31, 2015

Make it in Design Classes

I just finish 4 weeks of an online class where I took on 3 sections at the same time. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. It is called the "Make it in Design" Summer School and the group was International. It is based in England where so much creativity flourishes and that was definitely the case here. I may have bitten off more than I could chew but the challenge was great and in the end I think I learned more because I had to push my own boundaries, especially technically. I think one of the greatest benefits was a private Facebook site where all the various designers were able to share their work and get feedback. I got a lot of technical help from some very generous designers. The work that came out of it was quite wonderful and I am determined to be up to speed before next summers "Summer School" session. I am posting a link if there are those of you who may be interested in this or other courses they offer to textile designers. They also have a very informative online magazine called "Moyo". You should check it out.

Here are my last 3 submissions to the 3 design Briefs

This was my intermediate submission; using typography as design using classic fonts with hand drawing using subtle motifs, shapes and layering. Having lived in Paris for 13 years this was close to home for me.

This is the Advanced brief submission. "Solarized Psychedelic Summer" was the title of the brief. Using photography, solarization techniques, effects and filters to create the outcome.
Using summer, the oceans and the tropics as the inspiration.

The Beginners brief was done the last and took a few tries to get what I wanted. Eco Global/Geometric.was the brief title Global -Tribal- Geometric were the key words.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Still trying

Still trying to get the hang of all this. Maybe I should try a few more images. Not to be too boring...Here are some Art Figures I did a couple of years ago.

 Still working on the series...

Fallen Angel


Nubian Princess

Deco Damsel

Blue Goddess

The start of something new

Today is the day I start my new Blog. Kind of looking forward to all the riches I might find to put here. Back to designing my Blog for now. I am adding a few of my Surface Design Patterns just to get us started